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29 April 2012

Prince Patrick's Day Answers

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we tested your knowledge of some of the royals who were named in honor of this Irish saint. This quiz was clearly too easy for our royal experts as everyone answered every question correctly. Or, you all have improved your internet searching skills! ;)

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1. Canada's Prince Patrick Island was named for the third son of Queen Victoria, whose third name honored the Irish saint and who was also given an Irish title. Who was he and what was his connection to Canada? This uninhabited arctic island was named for Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert Duke of Connaught, the seventh child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. In 1911, the 61-year-old prince was made Governor General of Canada. He is the only royal ever to hold the post, although his noble-born brother-in-law, the Duke of Argyll (husband of Princess Louise) was Governor General before him. Prince Arthur held the position for five years, helping guide Canada through the first years of World War I. He died in 1942 at the age of 91 years and 8 months, making him still the longest living male member of the British royal family. Prince Philip could surpass him in February 2013.

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2. This granddaughter of Queen Victoria voluntarily gave up her royal title when she married a commoner. Popularly known as "Princess Pat," what was her full title? 
Prince Arthur's youngest daughter, Princess Victoria Patricia of Connaught, or "Patsy," was born on St. Patrick's day in 1886. Unlike many of her cousins who only traveled in Europe, she spent her young adulthood following her father on his more far-flung posts, first to India and then to Canada, where she was extremely popular. Although the media speculated widely about her marriage prospects, matching her with Portugese, Spanish, Russian and German royals, the down-to-earth princess chose instead to marry an earl's son, The Hon Alexander Ramsay, who later became an admiral. Although she did not have to, 33-year-old Patsy decided to give up her title on the day of her wedding, but her cousin, King George V, granted her precedence over marchionesses and she and her husband remained members of the British royal family until their deaths. Upon his knighthood, she became known as Lady Patricia Ramsay.

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3. In 1936, this great-grandson of Queen Victoria also surrendered his title for love. Who was he and which other saints was he named for? Okay. Even Madonna knows that King Edward VIII abdicated to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. But, did you know that he was named: Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David. The last four names pay tribute to the patron saints of the UK countries (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales respectively). Although he used his first name as his regnal name, he was always known as "David" in the family. I have always wondered whether his nieces named their sons for him (Edward Earl of Wessex and David Viscount Linley), despite the rift in the family following the abdication crisis.

4. This current member of the British royal family became a royal duke when he was only six years old. Like the children of the Queen, he also had one British royal parent and one Greek royal parent. Who is he?
The Queen's youngest son, The Earl of Wessex, is not the only Prince Edward in the current British royal family. Her cousin, the Duke of Kent is also a Prince Edward. The eldest son of Prince George Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece (a cousin of The Duke of Edinburgh), his full name is Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick. He became a royal duke when his father was killed in a World War II flying accident in Scotland. In a scene that would be repeated four decades later, Edward walked behind a coffin in the a royal funeral procession when just a teenager for the state funeral of his uncle, King George VI.

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5. This royal was heir presumptive to The Peacock Throne for six years as a child. Earlier this year, he once again became first in line for the deposed crown. Who is he and how did he become heir again?
Prince Patrick Ali Pahlavi is a nephew of the last Shah of Iran. When his father, Ali Reza Pahlavi, who had been heir to his brother the Shah, was killed in a plane crash in 1954, seven-year-old Patrick became the heir presumptive. He held that position until the birth the Shah's first son, Crown Prince Reza in 1960. Since the Crown Prince, who is now the head of the imperial family, had no sons, his only brother, another Prince Ali Reza, was his heir. In January 2011, following a battle with depression, Prince Ali Reza committed suicide, and Patrick once again became the heir presumptive.