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06 May 2011

Sisterly Love

With The Duchess of Cambridge (a.k.a Princess Catherine) and her sister Philippa 'Pippa' Middleton making headlines lately, I thought a quiz about royal sisters would be a nice challenge. See if you can identify each pair. You may submit your answers using the comments button or e-mail them to

1. The Queen of England and the Empress of Russia
2. Two discarded queens: One gone mad and One who 'lost' two English husbands
3. Queens of Revolution: One who lost her head and one who led a counter-revolution
4. The pair who introduced Rasputin to the Imperial Family
5. Scandalous sisters: One married a playboy but became an HRH and one ran away with the circus.

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  1. 1 - Queen Alexandra and Empress Marie (Dagmar)
    2 - Mary and Anne Boleyn
    3 - Marie Antoinette and Maria Carolina
    4 - Empress Alexandra (Alix of Hesse) and Grand Duchess Elisabeth
    5 - Caroline and Stéphanie of Monaco

  2. 1.-Alexandra and Dagmar daughters of Christian IX
    2.- Juana la loca & Catherine of Aragon
    3.- Marie antoinnete and Maria Carolina
    4.- Anna & Alexandra Alexandrovna
    5.- Stephanie and Caroline of Monaco

  3. Hello Cheryl, thank you for another interesting quiz!

    1. Marie Feodorovna of Russia and Alexandra of Britain – (Dagmar and Alexandra of Denmark)/
    2. Catherine of Aragon and her sister, Juana of Castille/Spain.
    3. Possibly....Marie Antoinette and Maria Carolina???
    4. Militsa and Stana (Anastasia) – the ‘black women’ - the Montenegrin sisters who introduced Alix to Rasputin.
    5. Hmmm....this was very taxing!!! My knowledge of royalty tends to fade after 1918 but, for some bizarre reason, I thought of Monaco! Grace Kelly’s daughters...Stephanie and Caroline??? (Am really not sure about this one!)

    Thank you!