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08 June 2011

Royal Hobbies

As the summer roars in, it seems appropriate to think about the royals in a more relaxed, off-duty mode. For this quiz, identify the royal associated the following hobbies. Submit your answers via comments or e-mail it to

1. This royal declared he was no damn alien, but he was a recognized philatelist.

2. Having earned the nickname "Farmer George" for his agrarian interests, this royal required his children maintain their own individual vegetable gardens.

3. This royal lady was not only a prolific letter writer, she also was a talented artist who created many sketches and paintings of her husband and nine children.

4. These royal sisters spent part of World War II creating musical theatre productions to entertain their parents.

5. This staunchly dignified royal lady had one very naughty hobby of collecting; that is, collecting other people's stuff. Because of her notorious habit of acquiring things from other people's houses, this lady's mother-in-law sometimes hid her personal treasures during visits from her.

And, for those of you who could use an extra point to level up (or to guard against imperfect quiz answers in the future!), here is an incredibly easy bonus question.

BONUS: Known for his self-deprecating wit, this royal gent poked fun at much lampooned personal interests on his 40th birthday. "Only the other day, I was inquiring of an entire bed of old-fashioned roses, who were forced to listen to my demented ramblings on the meaning of the universe as I sat cross-legged in the lotus position on the gravel path in front of them. I was inquiring of them what they thought would happen on my birthday in a Birmingham tram shed.  At this point, a row of prized Welsh leeks (cocky little things) who were lurking in a nearby vegetable patch chipped in to say that they expected the shed to be filled with groups of semi-naked Kalahari bushmen gyrating wildly in the reenactment of a primeval fertility dance and also a troupe or two of Tibetan Buddhist monks who had proceeded to the shed by levitational means."

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