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28 January 2012

Princesses Royal Quiz

Only one modern British royal title has ever been created specifically for women: Princess Royal. This quiz tests your knowledge of the title and the select women who have borne it. You may send your answers via the comments section, e-mail them to or direct message (DM) them on Twitter to @palaceprincess.

1. Which king created the title and why?

2. With one exception, all of the Princesses Royal have been the eldest surviving daughter of the monarch. Who is the one exception?

3. Since its first creation, the title has bot been given to every eldest daughter. Which monarchs did not grant the title?

4. How many bearers of the title married foreign monarchs? Who were they?

5. Only one Princess Royal ever held the distinction of being the Heiress Presumptive. Why did she never accede the throne?

What is the full name of the current Princess Royal?


  1. 1. Charles I to imitate the title of the daughter of the King of France
    2. Princess Louisa Marie, youngest daughter of James II
    3. James II/VII and George I
    4. Charlotte married Frederick I of Wurttemberg and Victoria who married Frederick III the German Emperor
    5. Victoria was Heiress Presumptive but the birth of a younger son meant she wouldn't be Queen of England

    The Princess Royal's full name is Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise

  2. Hi Cheryl, very belated Happy New Year and thank you for another quiz! I am really stuck on the second question but will attempt the rest!

    1. Charles I created the title because his French wife wanted Britain to have the same system as France, where the eldest daughter was given a title.

    2. Hmm....I think all the Princesses Royal were eldest surviving daughters of the monarch...hmm....

    3. Monarchs who didn’t grant the title: Charles II (didn’t have any daughters – at least not legitimate ones!)
    James II didn’t grant it to Mary
    George I didn’t grant it to his daughter, Sophia, as she was Queen of Prussia.
    George IV didn’t grant it to Charlotte, as she was already married to Leopold of Saxe-Coburg/Belgium
    William IV didn’t have any children.
    George VI....didn’t give the title to our present Queen because Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood, already held the title.

    4. Charlotte, daughter of George III, married the King of Wurttemberg
    Vicky, daughter of Queen Victoria, married the future German Emperor (but he wasn’t a monarch when she married him!)

    5. Vicky – Victoria – daughter of Queen Victoria was heiress presumptive until the birth of her brother, the future Edward VII

    6. Princess Anne is: Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise (Laurence)