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18 March 2012

Prince Patrick's Day

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought we'd test your knowledge of some of the royals who were named in honor of this Irish saint. You may send your answers via the comments section, e-mail them to or direct message (DM) them on Twitter to @palaceprincess.

1. Canada's Prince Patrick Island was named for the third son of Queen Victoria, whose third name honored the Irish saint and who was also given an Irish title. Who was he and what was his connection to Canada?

2. This granddaughter of Queen Victoria voluntarily gave up her royal title when she married a commoner. Popularly known as "Princess Pat," what was her full title?

3. In 1936, this great-grandson of Queen Victoria also surrendered his title for love. Who was he and which other saints was he named for?

4. This current member of the British royal family became a royal duke when he was only six years old. Like the children of the Queen, he also had one British royal parent and one Greek royal parent. Who is he?

5. This royal was heir presumptive to The Peacock Throne for six years as a child. Earlier this year, he once again became first in line for the deposed crown. Who is he and how did he become heir again?


  1. 1. Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, and he was Governor General of Canada from 1911-1916.
    2. Before or after she got married? Before - Her Royal Highness Princess Patricia of Connaught. After - Lady Patricia Ramsay.
    3. Edward VIII (though he was never officially crowned), later to be known as the Duke of Windsor. His last four names (George Andrew Patrick David) were for the Patron Saints of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales respectively.
    4.Prince Edward, Duke of Kent - son of Prince George and Princess Marina, Duke and Duchess of Kent.
    5. Patrick Ali Pahlavi. He became heir again, because his cousin (Reza Pahlavi) is now considered the defunct heir to the Iranian throne, after the deaths of his father and younger brother and only has daughters.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Happy Easter!

    I hope it isn’t too late to submit these answers:

    1. Queen Victoria’s third son was Arthur, Duke of Connaught, who became Governor General of Canada in 1911.

    2. ‘Princess Pat’ was Princess Patricia of Connaught (Princess Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth) who became Lady Patricia Ramsay when she married.

    3. Edward VIII surrendered his title/abdicated to become Duke of Windsor. His name included the patrons of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (George, Andrew, David and Patrick) as well as Sts. Edward, Albert & Christian. His full names was Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David.

    4. Edward, Duke of Kent, inherited the dukedom when he was six. His mother, Marina, was Greek, his father, George, was English.

    5. Prince Patrick Ali Pahlavi is the first in line to the throne of Iran. I think his cousin, who was heir before him, died last year???