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16 January 2011

EXAM #2: The Title Test

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1. Who are the current Duke of Lancaster and Duke of York? And, are they still at war?

2. In both England and France, the eldest daughter of the king was often given a special title. What was the title in each country?

3. What is a "dauphin" and where would you find one?

4. A male heir to a throne is often given a special title. What is the title in each of the following monarchies:
a. United Kingdom
b. The Netherlands
c. Spain
d. Russia

5. How many people are currently allowed to use the style "Royal Highness" in the United Kingdom?

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1 comment:

  1. Goodness!! This is difficult! May I attempt some of it?

    1) The Duke of York is Prince Andrew; and the Duke of Lancaster is, I think, the Queen - and to the best of my knowledge they are not at war.
    2) The eldest daughter of the monarch in England is 'Princess Royal'...Was it a Dauphine in France??
    3)The dauphin is the French king's son.
    4) The heir to the throne in the UK is the Prince of Wales; in the Netherlands is it the Prince of Orange? In of the Astorias or something like that? And in Russia, Tsarevich.
    5). I haven't a it just the Queen's children and spouse? In which case it would be 5...unless it also include William and Harry...Hmm...

    These are difficult but much fun! What a great idea - thank you! :-)