In light of the increasing number of spurious "royal experts" infiltrating the media, Princess Palace has created this online testing and training center/centre (a.k.a. trivia quizzes) to facilitate the recognition and certification of actual royal experts. Anyone receiving certification may add C.R.E. (certified royal expert) after one's name. This site is created and maintained entirely for fun. Its creator asserts no authority for certifying anyone's qualifications for anything. ;)

13 January 2011

How to Be Certified

The Royal Expert Certification process is a series of brief weekly (or so) examinations on various topics related to European royalty. After successfully answering five questions, the applicant will receive the next level of certification, as outlined below. The applicant may use the comment box or e-mail to respond to questions. Applicants also are welcome to suggest topics and submit possible future exams. As this is Very Serious Business, please enjoy at your own risk.

Certification Levels
Lord (L.C.R.E)
Viscount (V.C.R.E.)
Count/Earl (C.C.R.E.)
Duke (D.C.R.E.)
Prince (P.C.R.E.)
Grand Duke (G.D.C.R.E.)
King (K.C.R.E.)
Emperor (E.C.R.E.)

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