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10 April 2011

Prince Harry Answers

The second son of the Prince of Wales and his late wife, Diana, has attracted a lot of media attention throughout his life. Recent headlines include qualifying as an Apache pilot, serving as his brother's best man at the upcoming royal wedding and making a trek to the North Pole for charity. In this quiz, we asked our experts about this young man who will likely never be king.

Britain's Prince Harry, disembarks from HMS Cattistock during a visit to Portsmouth Naval Base, in Portsmouth, southern England March 18, 2011. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor (BRITAIN - Tags: MILITARY SOCIETY ROYALS)

1. What is his full name?
Although he has always been called "Harry" by his family and the public, his first name is Henry. Like his brother, father and royal aunt and uncles, he was given four names. His father also registered him with the hyphenated last name that his mother created for her non-royal descendants, although he doesn't use it in his daily life, instead opting to use his father's territorial title as a surname, making him "Harry Wales". His full name is Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor and his style/title is HRH Prince Henry of Wales. When his father becomes king, his title will change to HRH The Prince Henry.

2. What is the name and purpose of the charity he founded with another royal prince and who is his princely partner?
Harry has expressed a deep love of Africa and a keen interest in philanthropy nurtured by both of his parents. These two things combined inspired him to co-found Sentebale with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, who also had lost his charitable and popular mother. Sentebale, which means "forget me not," helps orphans in Lesotho, where so many children have been impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The charity celebrates its fifth anniversary this month.

3. Where did he attend university?
After a gap year that included work missions in Australia and Lesotho and an Argentinian holiday, Harry opted not to attend university, enrolling instead in Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in 2005. He is now an army lieutenant with combat experience, having served in Afghanistan, where his tour was cut short after media reports endangered him and his unit. He recently qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot and may soon be promoted to captain.

4. After the breakdown of his parents' marriage, some people alleged that Prince Charles was not his father. Who did these people claim was his real father?
Many people still continue to claim that he is the natural son of James Hewitt, Diana's riding instructor who became her lover, citing the similar ginger appearance of Hewitt and Prince Harry. These claimants, however, don't seem to accept that Diana's relationship with Hewitt started well after Harry was born--they dispute the start date. They also don't seem to notice the clear physical resemblance between Prince Harry and his royal gandfather Prince Philip at the same age or the fact that red hair is very common in Diana's family: her sister Sarah and brother Charles are both ginger, too.

5. Harry has attracted negative media attention in the past. Identify at least one of the controversies attached to him.
Growing up in the international spotlight is undoubtedly difficult and Harry has certainly had some lapses of judgement that have drawn negative attention. Some of the incidents mentioned by our experts were: getting caught smoking marijuana as a teen, wearing a Nazi uniform to a party, calling someone a "Paki," and saying that he didn't like England. Right now, however, the prince is riding a media high generated by his military accomplishments, his role as best man at his brother's wedding and recent attempt to reach the North Pole in support of the Walking with the Wounded charity.

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