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27 March 2011

Prince Harry Quiz

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The second son of the Prince of Wales and his late wife, Diana, has attracted a lot of media attention throughout his life. Recent headlines include qualifying as an Apache pilot, serving as his brother's best man at the upcoming royal wedding and making a trek to the North Pole for charity. This quiz is designed to find out how much you know about this young man who will likely never be king.

1. What is his full name?

2. What is the name and purpose of the charity he founded with another royal prince and who is his princely partner?

3. Where did he attend university?

4. After the breakdown of his parents' marriage, some people alleged that Prince Charles was not his father. Who did these people claim was his real father?

5. Harry has attracted negative media attention in the past. Identify at least one of the controversies attached to him.

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1 comment:

  1. 1. Prince Harry is....Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales

    2. He founded Sentebale – to help African orphans - with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho

    3. I don’t think he went to university??? He went to Sandhurst instead.

    4. Some people think James Hewitt is his father....and the likeness is rather remarkable! :-0

    5. He once went to a fancy dress party dressed in a Nazi uniform (but he was only young and silly at the time!!!)

    Thank you for the quizzes!!