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04 March 2011

British Royal Residences Quiz

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1. Which of the Queen's homes was built by her great-great grandfather to remind him of his homeland?

2. Which of the Queen's homes was actually known as "The Queen's House"?

3. Which royal residence did Prince Charles call "The Aunt Heap"?

4. As one of his first acts as king, Edward VIII re-set the clocks at which royal home?

5. Many royal homes have stained glass, but only one has windows depicting fire fighters. Which is it?

Upon special request, I am adding a bonus question for all those royal experts out there who have received imperfect scores on prior exams.

BONUS: Which is your favorite royal residence and why? (Equals two points toward your Royal Expert Certification.)

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  1. 1. Balmoral – It reminded Prince Albert of the Schloss Rosenau.

    2. “The Queen’s House” was once Buckingham Palace (or Buckingham House as it was called in the time of George III)and it's still the Queen's house today!

    3. I guess Prince Charles called Kensington Palace ‘the Aunt heap’ since Princess Margaret and the Kents (and others) lived there.

    4. Was it Edward VII (or do you mean Edward VIII) who re-set the clocks at Sandringham – half an hour fast because Queen Alexandra was always later for everything! (Too busy bathing her babies to be on time for royal engagements!).

    5. I don’t know...probably Windsor Castle on account of the fire there in the 1980s???

    Bonus: My favourite royal residence is Osborne House which is, to me, the most beautiful place on earth! It encapsulates beautiful Prince Albert’s character so perfectly. It is a real family home – the children’s little gardens around the Swiss Cottage, the toy fort and the bathing machine; the nurseries and Vicky and Bertie’s childhood museum - and it also captures Prince Albert’s sense of the aesthetic. The view across the Solent reminded him of the Bay of Naples, and so the house is built in a beautiful Italianate style. The corridors are filled with the most beautiful works of art (including the erotic images and statues that he and Queen Victoria often sent to each other as gifts) and the gardens also house tombstones and statues of beloved animals. I don’t know anywhere else on earth quite like Osborne. No wonder Queen Victoria loved it so much when it is the very epitome of the heart of ‘beloved Albert’. Even though QV died there, it isn’t a gloomy place at all – on the contrary, it feels alive and vibrant and filled with happy memories and happy children.

  2. 1. Balmoral
    2. Greenwich
    3. Kensington Palace
    4. Sandringham Estate
    5. Buckingham Palace i guess that was occurred in WWII from the Nazi bombing.

    From LSleeper

  3. 1) Balmoral
    2) not sure... Buckingham Palace? or that little house she & Margaret had @ Windsor, from the people of Wales?
    3) Kensington Palace
    4) Sandringham!
    5) wow, I don't know this one. stab in the dark guess: holyrood?

  4. 1. Balmoral. Prince Albert said the Scottish Highlands reminded him of his native Thuringia.
    2. Buckingham Palace. George III bought it for his wife, Queen Charlotte.
    3. Kensington Palace because so many different royal relatives live there.
    4. Sandringham. He gave the order before his father was dead and offended many of the family members who were there.
    5. Windsor Castle - in honor of the firefighters who worked on the 1992 fire.
    6. My favorite royal residence is The Tower. It is still legally a royal palace and I think the history there is amazing. I wish they would bring back the old tradition that the monarch stays there before their coronation.