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19 March 2011

Glorious Bastards

Many royals have enjoyed 'a bit of stuff' on the side, sometimes resulting in illegitimate children. Even some of today's royal men have confirmed that they have fathered children out of wedlock. For this quiz, identify the royal father of the following people. Submit your answers via the comments button or e-mail them to

1. James Duke of Monmouth

2. Robert Earl of Gloucester

3. Alexandre Coste

4. Henry Fitzroy Duke of Richmond

5. William the Conqueror

6. The Fitzclarences

7. Enrique II of Castile

8. William Longespee

9. Gustav Gustavsson

10. The Beauforts

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1 comment:

  1. 1- James was the illegitimate son of Charles II of England and his mistress Lucy Walter. He tried to get the throne for himself and lost his head (literally ) in the process.
    2- Robert was the illegitimate son of Henry I of England.
    3- Alexandre Coste is the only contemporary "illegitimate son" in the group, as he is the son of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.
    4- Henry Fitzroy was the son of Henry VIII at a time when the king really wanted to have a son to inherit his throne. His last name Fitzroy literally means "son of the king". Henry VIII would have probably made him his heir against all opposition, but Henry Fitzroy unfortunately predeceased the king at the tender age of 18.
    5- William the Conqueror was the illegitimate son of Robert I, Duke of Normandy.
    6- The Fitzclarences were a branch of the Hanoverian family who were all begot by King William IV of the United Kingdom when he was known as the Duke of Clarence (hence the last name Fitzclarence). There were ten of them, all from the same mistress, Dorothy Jordan.
    7- Enrique II- Illegitimate son of Alfonso IX of Castile.
    8- William Longespee was the illegitimate son of King Henry II of England.
    9- Gustav Gustavsson- illegitimate scion of King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden, who was known as the "Lion of the North" for his great abilities as commander and leader. Gustav II Adolf made Sweden the third largest country in Europe during his tenure.
    10- The Beauforts were the descendants of John Beaufort, the illegitimate son of John Gaunt, who in turn was the legitimate third son of King Edward III of England. John Gaunt did good by his mistress by marrying her, thus making all their children legitimate after the fact- including John Beaufort.