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02 July 2011

Illegitimate Monaco Quiz

In light of the rumors swirling around the princely wedding in Monaco (See wedding pics), it is worth remembering that Prince Albert is not the only Grimaldi to let passion carry him away. This quiz challenges your knowledge of this unusual Grimaldi tradition. You may send your answers via the comments section, e-mail them to or direct message (DM) them on Twitter to @palaceprincess.

1. Which illegitimate daughter was officially adopted by her princely father so that he might have an heir?

2. Which prince altered the succession laws so that illegitimate children could not inherit the principality?

3. Which Grimaldi descendant's parents received official permission to marry, even though the groom lost his right to the throne?

4. How many children has Princess Stephanie had out of wedlock?

5. How many children did Prince Albert publicly acknowledge before his marriage to Charlene Wittstock?

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