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01 July 2011

Regnal Names Answers

When they come to the throne, monarchs have to decide how they wish to be known. While many choose the name they've had since birth, others select something else for various reasons. In this quiz, Royal Expert Goddess Robyn H. wants to know if you know who is who.

1. By what name is Princess Alexandrina of Kent better known?
Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom
Don't mistake her for her descendant, Princess Alexandra of Kent (also known as The Hon. Lady Ogilvy). Queen Victoria was born Princess Alexandrina Victoria, daughter of the Duke of Kent, fourth son of King George III. Her nickname was Drina, but she had stopped using that name by the time she became queen.

2. This Queen could have reigned as Queen Alexandra or as Queen Mary III, but chose "my own name, what else?"
Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
Christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary after her mother, great-grandmother and grandmother, each of whom was a queen consort, Her Majesty has always used her first name both informally and officially.

3. Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I was born under this name, which is lent to a popular movement in the Caribbean (as well as being slightly less fun to say).
Tafari Makonnen
After a militant political struggle, Regent Tafari succeeded the Ethiopian empress in 1930 and held power for more than 40 years. He is said to be descended from the legendary Queen of Sheba.

4. After a Japanese emperor has died, he is posthumously given the name of the era in which he reigned. By what name does the West better know Emperor Showa, and what name will be eventually given to the current emperor?
Emperor Hirohito; Emperor Heisei
Renaming a person--particularly a royal person--is a longstanding tradition throughout East Asia. It is still followed in Japan, where the posthumous name corresponds to the era in which the emperor reigned. Members of the Japanese imperial family also have personal as well titular names. This means that the next emperor, commonly known in the west as Crown Prince Naruhito should actually be referred to as Prince Hiro and his little daughter Aiko is actually Princess Toshi.

5. The name John is considered cursed or unlucky by some (considering the disastrous reign of King John in the late 12th century), and it prompted this 14th century king to forgo his birth name and choose the name of his father and great-grandfather.
Robert III of Scotland
Changing his name to Robert not only dissociated him with the unfortunate English King John but also from the Scottish King John Balliol, known as empty shirt. The name change also allowed the illegitimate John Stewart to emphasize his ties with the Bruce kings of Scotland from whom he was descended.

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