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21 December 2011

Royal Babies

With the world on heightened baby bump watch looking for any sign that The Duchess of Cambridge might be pregnant, here is a royal quiz to test your knowledge of the royal babies and nurseries. You may send your answers via the comments section, e-mail them to or direct message (DM) them on Twitter to @palaceprincess.

1. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is due to have her first child in 2012. Who was the last heiress to a throne to give birth while still heiress?

2. Which two current heirs to thrones married within days of each other and had each of their first two children within days of each other?

3. Which current reigning monarch was "betrayed" when a former governess wrote a book about the royal nursery?

4. Which former monarch is said to have developed a debilitating disability partly because of an abusive nanny?

5. How many of Queen Elizabeth II's grandchildren were christened in a gown created for the children of Queen Victoria?

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  1. 1. Beatrix of the Netherlands
    2. Felipe, Prince of Asturias and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark
    3. Elizabeth II of the UK. Her former governess, Marion Crawford, wrote a book about her time with Elizabeth and Margaret in the early 1950s.
    4. George VI of the UK - he became a stutterer as dramatized in the play/film The King's Speech.
    5. Seven. Her youngest grandchild, James, wore a different gown due to the fact that the original was not in good shape.

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