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03 December 2011

Royal Holidays

Our favorite royals often have dozens of holiday options to choose from: hidden private estates, exclusive homes of welcoming friends, elegant five-star-plus destinations, but not every vacation is what it's cracked up to be. For this quiz, see if you can identify the royal destination. You may send your answers via the comments section, e-mail them to or direct message (DM) them on Twitter to @palaceprincess.

1. One skiing holiday turned into a nightmare for Prince Charles and his guests at this continental destination.

2. Which royal family helped Princess Diana escape the dreary Scottish summer with a little Mediterranean sunshine in the mid-1980s?

3. Most people want to escape the family during their honeymoon, but Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip spent theirs nestled at which relative's home?

4. Which current Crown Princess had to cancel an official royal tour because she was suffering from sunburn?

5. Which royal cougar won notoriety for entertaining her toy boy in Mustique?

6. What was the Duchess of York photographed doing on vacation that led to her divorce?

7. Which royal lady was inspired by holiday snaps to take up marathon running?

8. Which senior royal made up an excuse to miss his Easter vacation because he was ill this year?

9. Which royal lady had her summer sojourn spoiled this year when her estranged husband became ill?

10. Historical: Which two royal/imperial families exchanged Black Sea visits hoping (unsuccessfully) to encourage a royal romance?


  1. 1) Klosters, Switerland
    2) The Spanish Royal Family
    3) Broadlands, home of Earl & Countess Mounbatten
    4) Crown Princess Mette-Marit
    5) Princess Margaret
    6) Getting her toes sucked.
    7) Princess Astrid of Belguim
    8) King Juan I Carlos
    9) Princess Caroline
    10) The Russian Romanov's and the Roumania Hohenzollern's

  2. I posted my answers sometime ago, will the blog master ever post the responses to these questions.

  3. Excellent job, Barton! You completed 9 of 10 correctly and have achieved the first level as a Certified Royal Expert. Do you have a Twitter name so that I may congratulate you there?

  4. MAXny--Are you and Barton Maxwell the same person? Barton's are the only answers I received via comments.