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19 February 2011

Grand Old Duke of York Quiz

In honor of Prince Andrew's birthday, here is a quiz about the Dukes of York. Send your answers to or use the comments option.

1. Although the title is traditionally given to the monarch's second son, several Dukes of York eventually inherited the throne. Who were they?

2. Which Duke of York earned the popular nickname the "Grand Old Duke of York"?

3. For which Duke of York was the city of New Amsterdam renamed?

4. Queen Victoria did not give the Duke of York title to her second son. What title did he receive instead?

5. Which Dukes of York passed the title to his heir?

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  1. Gosh – I hope these are these right since I live only a few miles from York and am such an ardent Yorkist!! LOL

    1. Edward IV, Henry VIII, Charles I, James II, George V and George VI were all Dukes of York.

    2. The Grand old Duke of York was George III’s son Frederick Augustus, who proved so incompetent in the Dutch Wars.

    3. New York was named after King James II when he was Duke of York.

    4. Queen Victoria gave her son Alfred the title Duke of Edinburgh (and later Coburg).

    5. Richard, Earl of Cambridge and father of Edward IV passed the title to his heir.