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06 February 2011

Off with Her Head Quiz

A university study recently concluded that throughout history, kingship has an unusually high rate of violent death versus other "careers." Turns out being a queen or princess is fairly dangerous, too.

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1. Everyone knows the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparked World War I, but he wasn't the only one to die that day. Who else fell victim to Gavrilo Princip?

2. Likewise, the whole world is familiar with the Romanov murders in a basement in Ekaterinburg, but they weren't the only imperial victims of the Revolution. Who else met an end at the hands of the Bolsheviks?

3. Which imperial lady had a deadly encounter with a stiletto while on holiday?

4. Six million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust; but even princesses were subjected to Nazi hatred. Which royal princess died in the concentration camp at Buchenwald?

5. Henry VIII is famous for beheading his wives, but he wasn't the only queen-killing Tudor. Which queens or former queens were executed by Tudor monarchs?

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  1. Thank you for your great quizzes! :-)

    1. Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s wife, Sophie Chotek, was also murdered by Princip.

    2. If you mean only female victims of the Bolsheviks – if so, their other Imperial victim was Grand Duchess Elizabeth/Serge. (If you are including the male victims: Serge Mikhailovich; Igor, Ioann and Konstantin Konstantinovich; Prince Vladimir Paley; Mikhail Alexandrovich (the Tsar’s brother); Pavel Alexandrovich, Dmitri, George & Nicholas Mikhailovich)

    3. Empress Elizabeth of Austria was murdered by being stabbed while on holiday.

    4. Mafalda, daughter of the Italian King Victor Emmanuel, died in Buchenwald.

    5. Mary Queen of Scots and Lady Jane Grey were executed by the Tudors.