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02 February 2011

Princess of Wales Quiz

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1. How many Princesses of Wales never became queen?

2. Which Princess of Wales became queen after the death of the Prince of Wales?

3. How many Princesses of Wales have been British?

4. How many Princesses of Wales never had children?

5. How many Princesses of Wales were divorced?

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1 comment:

  1. Hope I manage this better than the last one!!

    1) Did 3 never become Queen? Joan, wife of the Black Prince; Augusta, wife of George II’s son, Frederick; and Prince’s Charles’ wife, Diana.

    2) Could there be 2 answers to this question? Katherine of Aragon was married to Arthur, Prince of Wales, before marrying his brother, Henry and becoming Queen; and Anne Neville, who married Henry VI’s son, Edward, who was Prince of Wales, before marrying Richard III. (Everything around who was what and who held which title during the Wars of the Roses is so complicated, isn't it!!)

    3) The British ones were: Princess Diana, May of Teck (although her father was German, she was more British than German!); Anne Neville, daughter of the Earl of Warwick; and Joan of Kent (wife of the Black Prince)

    4) I think they all had children....except maybe the Black Prince’s wife?? (I know Anne Neville’s only son died when he was very young).

    5) The only one who was divorced was Katherine of Aragon. (Though George IV tried desperately – and unsuccessfully - to divorce his very odd wife!!)

    Thanks for the quizzes – they are difficult but really interesting :-)