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13 February 2011

Ribbons, Orders and Sashes Quiz

This quiz is presented by Certified Royal Expert Robyn H., P.C.R.E. You may submit your answers using the comment link or by e-mailing

1. In which countries are the following orders given?
a. Order of the Seraphim
b. Order of the Golden Fleece
c. Order of the Elephant
d. Order of St. Olav
e. Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau

2. You are the Crown Prince(ss) of ABCland, and the Royal Family is about to host a state visit from the King and Queen of XYZania. You've received a lot of orders over the years, so out of your many sashes, which one do you wear for the photoshoot?

3. On which shoulder are most sashes worn? When is a sash never worn over the shoulder?

4. Many royals also wear bows on their shoulders with their orders and decorations at formal events. What's so special about them, and what would you have to do (or be) to get one?

5. Usually, a recipient of the highest grades of an order will receive a star to pin to his or her side in addition to a sash. But one British order also gives out the item for which it is named. Which order is it?

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